Regionals Project Sydney International Airport

Our client L.A.V.A  Architects and customer Heinemann approached us to construct gardens within the Sydney International airport that would represent flora typical of the regional area surrounding Sydney. We were asked to represent the dusty bush setting familiar to Australians that would give people a slice of Australian bushland.

The challenge for Stem & Stamen was to find a local licensed supplier of Australian Flora that could preserve the plants. We found one, 4000 kms from the Sydney International Airport, where the wildflowers were accessible by 4WD only. Our site visit to the wildflower farm coupled with bushwalking around the numerous Sydney Coastal Botanical tracks, provided mountains of inspiration for the installations.

It turned out that the reality of the dusty bush setting when out of context looked too dusty and uneasy on the eye.  A lot more greenery needed to be injected into the installation in order for it to lift and invigorate the space.  By nature, many Australian Native plants do not take a lot of water, and therefore do not take a lot of the preservation formula.  This means the shades of green aren’t as vibrant as other plants, so to alleviate this we combined the Australian flora with our European flora to provide that ‘bush after the rains’ feeling, as described by Chris Bosse from L.A.V.A.

The end result was sensational when our preserved gardens were combined with the architecture and craftsmanship of the structures below, that represent the soil, sand and rock profiles of the Sydney Region.