Create a unique, low-maintenance, natural space with professional solutions from Stem & Stamen. Stem & Stamen has the capacity to deliver large and unique turn-key interior projects, supporting each stage from the early design to installation and post-sale maintenance.

Our preserved plants are extremely resistant and long lasting. With the right care, you can enjoy your natural product for years. The stem & stamen natural products do not require pruning or watering.

Maintenance includes the occasional removal of dust, ideally with an air spray, air blower/dryer or alternatively dusting with a soft cloth.

To keep your Stem & Stamen in optimum conditions and within warranty, please follow this advice:

  • Avoid crushing, pulling or folding the foliage, petals or flowers.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct light sources including sunlight and artificial lights. Excess exposure may lead to damage and shortened life-spans in some species.
  • Avoid exposure to humidity above 70% and below 45% RH
  • Keep in airconditioned environment 18 – 27 degrees C
  • Only for indoor use.
  • No watering or placing the product in water.

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