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Stem & Stamen was approached by Gensler Design to design, supply and install a 3 storey Sheer Greenwall and a FernPanel Greenwall for their commercial building tenancy in Auckland, NZ. We overcame NZ quarantine challenges and the plants arrived on time for our installation. We engaged a local team of installers and florists to carry out the work along with Fleur’s supervision, so that any future changes could be taken care of by locals.

12 months down the track, and the ferns around the LED lighting needed to be changed over. In the initial drawings, the signage did not have lighting, and this was a last minute change to the design by the builders, that we were not made aware of until installation. In this case, we replaced the ferns free of charge, but learnt that LED lighting, no matter how energy efficient it claims to be, emits enough heat to reduce the life-span of our plants. LED lighting needs to be set apart from the greenwall and face outwards, away from the greenery.