100% Natural


Maintenance Free

We work alongside the founders of a non-toxic immersion formula that captures plants in their fresh-cut state, where they remain for up to ten years without water and minimal upkeep. Our preserved greenwalls and sculptural installations are composed of ferns and moss that have been sourced throughout Europe, and we customise these to meet our clients’ vision.

“We design and manufacture preserved greenwalls that bring life to a space”

A selection of our products cater to the more discerning client, offering organic, acoustic, fire retardant and air cleansing properties. With a strong focus on environmental conservation and indoor air quality, we endeavour to procure products with which to create a unique aesthetic and peace of mind. We invite you to discuss your next project with us.

We are here to help you green your interiors, authentically.

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Our Sheer Greenwall will be taking on new life for a special client...full reveal mid December
Inspo - canopy meandering through the 12m high ceiling @themacauroosevelt. Image courtesy @kellypuleio @interiordesignmag #interiorgreen #commercialinteriors #hotelinteriors #verticalgarden #hanginggarden #greenwall
Snapshot of our preserved Stachys leaf runner for feature wall. Not for the faint hearted...an hour's labour per 500mm square #interiorgreen #commercialinteriors #verticalgarden
Stem & Stamen's 1.2m x 1.2m Petrified Moss Disc with stained glass and LED strip lighting for custom commercial artwork installation. Some of our species tolerate LED lighting well, and others do not...best check before designing the lighting for the preserved green space. Thanks to @saltwooddesigns for the craftsmanship on the timber component. #commercialinteriors #interiordesign #publicartwork #greenwall #verticalgarden